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A drabble

Title: The Princess (sorry I'm not creative with names)
by: me kusanagimotoko

Disclaimer: I do not own Avatar: The Last Airbender (thank the powers that be).


“Your highness,” the middle aged man said shyly to the Fire Lord’s young daughter. “Your father, the Fire Lord, asked me to inform you about ….”

The girl, who had just reached her twelfth year turned around and gave the soldier a look that could chill a volcano. Her cool amber eyes, framed by the darkest black long eyelashes, looked up into man’s eyes. The shined with a keen intelligence and power he’d never seen in any woman’s eyes, and never expected to see in the eyes of a mere girl. In a nervous impulse he swallowed and began to stammer through the rest of the message.

Her brother was going to have to participate in a deadly dual. After stating that, in many more words, he looked down at the girl-child expectantly. He hoped that it wouldn’t upset her too much; the pretty porcelain skin didn’t need tears soaking it. But if she were upset, the man decided resolvedly to himself, he would be honored to comfort her any way he could.

She only nodded in the slightest way the man ever imagined being possible, and turn from him and walked away, as if he had informed her of the weather forecast for the next day. Such grace and strength of emotion, the man had never seen before.

It was then Zhao achingly realized that he had met the girl, Azula, who would grow to be the woman who was his ideal match. He couldn't wait.

Yeah, I know it probably could be better, it could be more steamy, etc, but, honestly I figure they knew each other during the Agni Kai, and she'd have been 12 or so, and as early as girls got married in those days, still, it's too close to pedophilia. 12 yr old Azula + ~35 yr old Zhao - too pedolicious to be steamy; 18 yr old Azula (or at least passed age of consent/majority) + ~41 yr old Zhao = hawt (or "hott" or however you crazy kids are spelling "hot" these days)
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