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After haunting this community for a while now, I've finally posted. This is just a short drabble, an experiment with the Zhao/Azula pairing. If you think it sucks, let me know how so I can work on that. Expect more drabbles as I play around with the pairing.

Title: Project
Rating: G
Summary: Back when she was 11 years old Azula did a little project.


11 yr old Azula spent weeks working on the project, and it wasn’t easy. She had to figure out a new fire-bending move just to be able to make it. That alone caused her to lose many nights of sleep sneaking out into the training grounds and practicing. And when she finally perfected the necessary moves, there was still the matter of actually making the project. She went thru two different versions before she got it to look just the way she wanted. Now she was finally finished.

That night she snuck out of the nursery and headed towards her objective, his chambers. He had been summoned by her father, for reasons unknown to her, and had been waiting in the palace for his appointment. She had spoken to him only twice, once in the formal greeting that was expected of a princess, and the other when she chanced upon him practicing in the training ground. But that had been enough for her. A deviant smile crossed her face, oh yes, that had definitely been enough.

When Captain Zhao finally returned from his long awaited meeting with the Fire Lord, he was exhausted. He stumbled rather clumsily into his dark chambers with every intention to go to sleep, but was alerted by a light coming from his bedroom. Cautiously he slipped in the room, only to be delightfully surprised. On the table was a series of lit candles, held up by a metal rod, crudely fire-bended into the shape of a heart.
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