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More Fanart from the Depths...

Once again, I come bearing fanart, as well as a quick story to go with it. Read the story and then click on either--or both--of the banners below to see the picture's variations.


Sometimes, when night fell and she allowed herself the gift of sleep, she dreamed.

She dreamed that she went against her father's wishes and gone North to assist her husband in the seige.

They fought, side by side as they had both longed for so many months, hearts beating as one for the first time outside their bed. The fire all around them was not merely practice or play any longer--she had gone to war with the man she loved, the man her father had chosen for her to marry, and she had never felt their hearts so joined.

She dreamed that when that glowing creature of water, smelling of salt and sand and fish, reached up to pull him away it took hold of her along with him. Together they were pulled down into the sea, no longer caught up in the rush of battle but unafraid of the darkness coming up to claim them both.

They held hands, reaching for one another in their final moments. As saltwater burned her lungs and eyes he ran his thumb over her lips, as close as they could come to one final kiss before the end.

She dreamed that when the ocean took him away, it took her as well. And the dream made her happy.


Image hosting by Photobucket

This is technically the final version, seeing as all the colors have been changed to shades of blue and grey, but I honestly find the other version just as "complete" as this one. However, I am very happy with the watery haze that's over them both in this version.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Here's the original color version, before I converted everything to blue. I know they stand out in ways that they most certainly shouldn't, but I'm just so happy with how their coloring came out pre-hue shift I had to show it off. Because I am just that much of an art-pimping maniac.

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Awww... *heartbreak*
I like the story--the thought of Zhao and Zula being fierce and terrible and everything they are on the battlefield, then lost (his thumb to her lip) in the end. The visual is just... wonderful. Chilling, but wonderful.
Abd the artwork! Oh, the artwork I love! I guess I like the blue hue one the most, since it's your "final version," but I really, really like the first one, because I have a thing about seeing the colour of people's eyes. (^^; *is teh weird*) Anyway, they're both lovely pieces, a very sweet and hopeless moment. (Can I again say that I love the brush of thumb to mouth? I just find that horribly romantic... *sigh*)
Wow, that's so cool! Zula is gorgeous, but Zhao's face looks a little funny.. But man, that is wicked awesome. The way you did the Ocean Spirit's hands is soooo neat!