Pretty Princess (jessieheart) wrote in zhao_and_zula,
Pretty Princess

Sketch Post

Trying semi-desperately to revive my love for Zhao/Zula, and prompt Fire's Son fanfiction out of pico_the_great, for when she writes Fiery Smex, the gods weep at teh brilliance. (Yes, I am willing to grovel and use blatant flattery.)

Any, click the cut for sketch-art. Not worksafe, (aka: nudity) and I can't draw Zhao... you know the drill.

Fiery Smex LIVES

Gah, I watched the Agni Kai scene from episode three a dozen times to get Zhao right, and he still looks a little off... I'm used to drawing skinny pretty-boys; Zhao's got muscle and facial hair! *grumbles*

... and then, my dear shippers, they had fiery smex. Again.
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